Internet zonas remotas

El Internet que tú mereces

Proveemos servicio a zonas rurales, predios agrícolas y zonas remotas que no cuentan con servicio de las compañías locales. Contamos con velocidades estables REALES y traspaso de datos ilimitados a valores económicos.

Plan Empresa

Plan Full con 90 Mbps promedio de bajada y 30 Mbps promedio de subida, 100 usuarios, conexión estable y sin cortes, ideal para trabajos de oficina, videoconferencias, streaming y otros.


Plan Persona

Plan familiar con 60 Mbps promedio de descarga y 10 Mbps promedio de subida, 10 usuarios, conexión estable y sin cortes, ideal para streaming, teletrabajo, videoconferencias y otros.


Plan Convenio

Plan Full con rangos sobre 120 Mbps de descarga promedio y 40 Mbps de subida promedio, 200 usuarios, conexión estable y sin cortes, ideal para empresas o conexiones exigentes, gamers y otros.


Tecnología de punta

Contamos con el mejor equipamiento de interconexiones remotas a grandes distancias, los cuales nos brindan un estándar de calidad en traspaso de datos. Todas nuestras instalaciones cuentan con uso y respaldo de Energía Solar, lo que nos brinda eficiencia, seguridad de conexión y autonomía, para así contar con servicio disponible 24 horas, los 365 días del año.


Antenas de alta potencia

airMax y airFiber son las tecnologías que utilizamos de la marca Ubiquiti, pionera en el mercado.

Equipamiento Apple

Nuestros software de monitoreo, VPN y Cloud estan instalados en equipos Apple, para una mejor funcionalidad.

Servidores Linux

Utilizamos las ultimas versiones de servidores Linux para una mejor seguridad y estabilidad.

Energía renovable

Nuestros equipos se respaldan con energía renovable, contamos con baterías de Litio y Paneles Solares de alta eficiencia.

Acerca de

Nuestra Tecnología


Noticias destacadas

Precisely what are Marketing Observations?

Insights happen to be collections of information that provide marketers with valuable information about the wants and needs of your particular demographic. It may differ from regular data research in that it’s not just numbers that subject but also conclusions that marketing experts can bring.

Insightful marketing is a strategy that takes into account the followers habits, beliefs and values. Online marketers can then make use of this information to insert their particular messaging in the worlds with their audiences towards a more meaningful way.

Understanding customers helps you customise and customize your offerings to ensure there is a more engaging experience, resulting in larger customer lifetime values. This could be done through customer observations, which are collected officially (through study or emphasis groups) or informally (via social media or online reviews).

Consumer Information

Consumer perception is the examine of how persons make buying decisions and exactly how they feel about brands and products. It’s used by brands like Incredibly and Spotify to deliver customised messages that depend on sign-in data or seasons weather patterns.

Pricing Observations

Price the product or service based on what your target audience is willing to pay, which can be challenging for businesses to accomplish. Consumer understanding is a great tool because of this since it will give you a profound understanding of just how your target audience worth your products or services and what they are offering for them.

Locate new marketplaces with customer insights

The ideal consumer insight can help you discover new homebuyers and growth opportunities for your organization. This can be made by analyzing sales and buyer info or locating new market segments to.

On line Board Websites

Online panel portals enable members of a company’s mother board or committee to secure remote control access to meeting materials on virtually any internet-connected device. This kind of eliminates the advantages of travel or perhaps reliance on FedEx couriers.

Increasingly superior cyber scratches pose significant challenges for any organization, which includes those with confidential data kept on board website program. As a result, it’s important to get a provider that offers industry typical SOC a couple of and INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG 27001 qualification to ensure that all details is secured.

The 1st generation of board websites served mainly because an effective way to share board files with owners. However , as the world wide web evolved and security problems grew, establishments began to look for strategies to secure a few possibilities they kept on these types of platforms.

Second-generation board portals were constructed to safely facilitate the creation and distribution of board catalogs. And third-generation board websites were built to make gatherings more efficient.

Panel portals really are a critical part of modern governance. They permit directors to collaborate upon documents and share feedback and data using their team within a safe, useful environment.

Secureness is the most important aspect in determining which in turn board portal to select for your business. Platforms must use data encryption and appropriate security permissions to ensure that very sensitive documents aren’t compromised or leaked.

Choosing a vendor with great customer service is also essential. Check out testimonies from consumers and sources to ensure that the board web site you’re looking at will be practical.

Investing in well-selected board sites will improve the business of your panel meetings, while reducing costs and administrative overhead. Explore the costing mechanics of numerous board management strategies to determine what kind is right to your particular table needs.

The Importance of Meeting Minutes

It’s important to record meetings mainly because it may help to capture main decisions also to evaluate progress. These notes is a guide just for future gatherings, help record employee behavior, and even look after your company.

There are several software and apps in the marketplace that will allow one to record reaching details. When you’re looking for a easy and quick way to record meetings, consider a voice recorder in your phone.

The most important item to consider is that mins should be held. This is especially true if you are planning in sharing these other participants. They can be conveniently lost or forgotten whenever not conserved. By ensuring that you just take ideas in a timely fashion, you’ll reduce the chances of making a mistake.

During your stay on island are many different solutions to record a reaching, the best is to use a software bundle that offers observe taking features. For example , a voice recorder does not only save you period, it also eliminates the necessity to carry around extra equipment.

To help make the most of the recording, make sure to consist of all relevant details including the date and time, position, names for the attendees, and any kind of key decisions or activities taken during the meeting. Additionally , include the identity of the person taking the remarks, and the subject of the appointment.

Although you’re likely to be tempted to check the mobile unit, putting it away will make sure you concentrate on the task at hand.